"We should not be ashamed to acknowledge
truth from whatever source it comes to us."
—Yaqub Ibn Ishaq al-Kindi

The master's programme Cultural Studies of the Middle East is an interdisciplinary two-year programme offered in English and German, jointly hosted by the Universities of Bamberg and Erlangen-Nuremberg, and sponsored by the Elitenetzwerk Bayern.

This modularized programme is focused on diversity and historical change in the cultures and languages of the Middle East. It offers highly motivated students a new and challenging approach to a diverse range of subject matters, transcending common language frontiers and single-discipline perspectives.

Students will encounter demanding theoretical concepts and conduct research on a highly advanced academic level. Over the course of their studies, students will be offered opportunities to enhance their language skills, collaborate in interdisciplinary seminars, benefit from the expertise of internationally renowned visiting scholars, and even organize workshops that cross multiple disciplines.

Graduates will have learnt to communicate with ease in academic settings and conduct excellent, interdisciplinary research – skills essential for continuing their studies at the doctorate level.

In addition to the base curriculum, students may select among five areas of specialization: History, art and archaeology, religious studies, language and literature, or linguistics. Students' choice of specialization determines the focus of their coursework and the direction of their Master's thesis.

The University of Bamberg and the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg are home to many well-respected scholars from the oriental studies and wider scientific community.

Bamberg, Erlangen, and Nuremberg are beautifully preserved mediaeval cities located in Northern Bavaria, Germany. All three offer students excellent infrastructure for studying, living, and travelling.


  • Degree: Master of Arts
  • Duration: 4 semesters (8 semesters part-time)
  • Start: October (winter) or April (summer)
  • Languages of instruction: English and German
  • Application deadline: 15 July (winter) / 15 January (summer)
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  • Requirements: Bachelor's degree in a relevant field (NC 2.5); proficiency in English, German, and a Middle Eastern language
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